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Irrational writing

Yes i love it… i love to write when someone is not ready to listen… and many times it happens that everybody wants to listen but not those words you want say… when i was a child I always had a fear of being neglected, being hated, being unheard… but now i am an adult, an adult to force people to listen me, to care for me and to love me, and you know what, I even don’t like this turning of tables… because now i am adult, people’s love have transformed into lust, their attraction is focused on a self which I never wanted to be focused…. Now i don’t want to be listened , I don’t want to be cared for, I want to be… At this stage i can not figure out what i actually want to do…

Words can not express my feelings, or to be precise i can not manage my words to express my feelings, This is the dilemma of every Pakistan youth nowadays… We do not know what to do, how to do and even What we want to do….


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Someone asked me about sorrow…. If someone thinks that he can describe this single word in his own words…. he is the biggest fool of the world. It can not be explained, it can just be felt, from the core of your heart, from the shiny layer of your eyes,through your gossip, through your smile….

It can be a tear in ¬†your eyes, it can be your smothered moans, it can be your crazy laugh. It can be your rubbish chit chat, your strive to hide… Whatever it is, it must be obvious, obvious to those persons who claim that they love you…